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This is my collection of recipes. They are all in Meal-Master import format and zipped. You will need Pkunzip or a compatible Zip program to unzip them. Click here to go to the PKWARE© web site. I recommend PK250DOS.exe for DOS or PKZip 2.7 for Windows.

I just recently found a spiral notebook with many of my Mom's handwritten recipes. I'm posting them under the "Mom's Recipes" link on this page.

My Featured Recipe Archive
is the place to find any of my original or featured recipes.

Featured Recipe - Ellie's Machaca. A recipe from an old friend!

Mom's Recipes Recipes from my Mom's handwritten recipe book.

Beef.Zip (26,529 Bytes). Recipes with beef as an ingredient.

Chicken.Zip (33,155 Bytes). Recipes with chicken as an ingredient.

Creole.Zip (42,953 Bytes). Creole recipes.

Filipino.Zip (6,326 Bytes). Filipino recipes.

Filipin.Zip (5,358 Bytes). Lumpia & Adobo Recipes.

Seafood.Zip (21,960 Bytes). Seafood recipes.

Mex.Zip (5,773 Bytes). Mexican Recipes.

The REAL Gourmet stuff: Hamburger.Zip (19,592 Bytes). 84 variations on a theme we know all too well.

Meal-MasterTM is a trademark of Scott Welliver & Episoft Systems.

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